Your Donations Support Hospitality Workers

Good Culture was conceived during the dark days of the corona-virus pandemic when most of the world was shut down and thousands of hotel, restaurant, and tourism workers were unable to work. Designed to raise money to provide financial assistance to the hospitality and tourism workforce, this non-profit has a mission to keep the best and the brightest stars of our industry working and building enduring hospitality careers.

Since covid, we recognized a continued need to provide assistance during specific emergencies to help hospitality team members and their families recover quickly from a short term financial burden. Grants issued by Good Culture have assisted during loss of homes due to fires and natural disasters, automobile accidents, and unexpected medical emergencies. Grants in the form of grocery cards, gas cards, and complimentary hotel stays have often been the small difference that helped a family make it to the next month and get back on track.

Your donation helps your community thrive with the spirit of hospitality!