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Hospitality team members help us plan events and meetings, celebrate with incredible food, and create experiences that leave us with lifetime memories. Those same team members often live from paycheck to paycheck with no umbrella for emergencies.

They’ve been there for us. Let’s be there for them.

You have an opportunity to support Good Culture --- a new charitable organization designed to support hospitality workers in Alabama, Central Florida, Charlotte, NC and Brentwood/Nashville, TN. While times have been tough for many, the hospitality community has been particularly challenged by the pandemic and changes to the workforce. The idea for Good Culture was incubated by the team at Yedla Management Company to find a way to provide temporary relief to workers in need. Developed and governed by a group of community stakeholders who recognize the value of the hospitality workforce, Good Culture has become a force for good. Distributions made to qualified applicants are enriching lives and providing stability to one of our own most vulnerable workforces.

At Good Culture, we do believe that businesses and communities thrive when working in partnership. Our mission remains simple: to create a partnership that provides short-term financial support to qualified applicants from the hospitality workforce. We are asking you, your companies, and your community organizations to pitch in and help make a difference by showcasing Good Culture and by assisting with donations and fundraising. Even if you are not directly involved in hospitality or tourism, your life is positively impacted by this industry.

Your support and your donations will make a huge difference in so many lives. No amount of time or donation is too small to make a BIG difference. Let’s work together to show our Good Culture!