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A Culture of Good leads to a World of Greatness

The pandemic hit the hospitality industry the hardest. Now, we’re here to give back.
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80% of hotel and restaurant workers have been laid off and
many are still struggling to regain stable employment.

They’ve been there for us. Now, we must be there for them.

We are excited to announce Good Culture - a new charitable organization developed to support hospitality workers in Alabama, Charlotte, and Central Florida communities. While these times have been tough for everyone, hospitality workers have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and shuttered hotels and restaurants. While only accounting for 11% of all pre-pandemic employment in the U.S., the hospitality industry has suffered 35% of all pandemic-related job losses. The unemployment rate in this sector is nearly double the national level. Good Culture was developed by a group of community stakeholders and led by individuals at Yedla Management Company to provide relief to those workers in our community. The idea of Good Culture was incubated by the associates and executives at Yedla Management Company to share with the community its core value of enriching and improving their team members and customers.

At Good Culture, we believe that businesses and corporations survive when supported by their communities. In turn, great communities can thrive when supported by their local businesses. Thus, the mission for Good Culture is simple: to create a partnership to provide short-term financial support for those hospitality workers who have lost their job and are in temporary need for items like groceries and gas. We are asking you - our friends and neighbors - to pitch in and help make a difference in others’ lives by showing the good culture of our communities. We have set an initial goal of raising $100,000 to assist those in need and are asking for your help today. In addition to your generous donations, please help us spread the word by “liking” it on your social media accounts or by telling others in the community about our organization. You can find us on Facebook.

If you’re in a position to make a donation – any amount donated will go a long way in helping to relieve short term stress for some of our neighbors and the people who really make our city thrive particularly in this holiday season!

No amount is too small as we know this is going to make a big difference. Let’s work together to show our Good Culture!