Good Culture exists because of the same reasons that veteran team members love the hospitality and tourism industry. We enjoy serving others thru hospitality! Our Good Culture mission is to identify hospitality team members who experience unexpected financial hardship and assist them with a small grant that allows them to quickly recover and continue pursuing their hospitality careers.
  • Hospitality worker / team member is defined as Any individual who currently or within the past three months was employed by a restaurant, bar, caterer/restaurant group, hotel/hotel group or a related tourism field.
  • Good Culture will accept applications for assistance from Hospitality workers who plan to re-enter or remain in the hospitality industry; who are of the age of legal majority; who worked for their most recent hospitality employer for a minimum of ninety days; who make under $ 50,000 per year; and who reside in one of the following areas: Alabama, Central Florida, Charlotte, NC or Nashville/Brentwood TN
  • Applicants are required to submit online via the Good Culture website. Any applicant must submit a paystub from their most recent employer to verify residency, pay and length of employment. Applicants must submit a copy of a recent paystub or other evidence of employment during the relevant time period in the hospitality industry
  • Once Good Culture received a completed application and evidence of employment in the hospitality industry, applications will be reviewed, and grants will be made as donations allow. All grants are made at the discretion of Good Culture on a first come, first served basis